Collection: Christiane Pelletier

Christiane is a passionate artist who discovered her passion for painting late in life, at the age of fifty. From that moment on, she never left her side. Painting has become her favorite pastime, an activity to which she devotes herself with great pleasure. Every moment spent in front of his easel is an opportunity to explore, create and give free rein to his boundless imagination. From the beginning, Christiane realized that she could never stop learning and perfecting herself in this art that fascinates her so much. She loves exploring new mediums, trying new techniques and taking on ever more daring artistic challenges.

One of the striking characteristics of his artistic creations is the frequent use of the color mauve. This unique and mysterious shade is often found present in his paintings, bringing a touch of elegance and mystery to his works.

Delivery of original works

The customer must collect the work at the École des Beaux-Arts de Lévis.

2 President Kennedy Road

Levis, Quebec, CANADA

G6V 6C2

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