Collection: Francine Barrette

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Francine Barrette, an artist passionate about painting with eyes and transmitting intense emotions through her canvases.

Armed with her vibrant color palette, she brings out the depth and intensity behind every look. When she immerses herself in her paintings, Francine aspires to transmit positive emotions such as joy, serenity and inner peace. Each brushstroke is a true hymn to life, an ode to the moments of happiness and tranquility that we all seek.

During her artistic sessions, Francine creates a space conducive to her creativity by immersing herself in her personal world. Relaxation music accompanies him, helping him achieve deep relaxation and connect to his inner inspiration. His unique talent invites us to contemplation and discovery of the very essence of our being.

Delivery of original works

The customer must collect the work at the École des Beaux-Arts de Lévis.

2 President Kennedy Road

Levis, Quebec, CANADA

G6V 6C2

For local or international delivery, contact us

Allow for additional charges.