Prodigious Sale package conditions

Thank you for your interest in selling paintings on our site! We are excited to provide you with a platform to showcase and sell your artwork. Here is our policy so that you can make the most of this opportunity:

Policy for the sale of paintings

1. Commission: We apply a 15% commission on the final sale price of each canvas. This commission allows us to cover the operating costs of the site, the promotion of your art and the services we offer to facilitate the sale.

2. Payment: Once your canvas is sold, we will pay you 85% of the final sale price, less commission. Payments are processed safely and securely via Interac transfer to your email within 30 days of the sale.

3. Duration of the sale: Your paintings will remain on sale on our site as long as your subscription is active.

4. Responsibility of the artist: As an artist, you are responsible for providing precise and complete descriptions of your paintings, as well as quality images to best present them on our site (format, medium, year of creation ).

Shipping Policy

1. Notification of sale: When a painting is sold, you will be notified of the transaction within 5 business days. This will allow you to prepare the canvas for delivery to the customer.

2. Place of delivery: In accordance with our policy, we ask you to bring the sold canvas to the École des Beaux-Arts de Lévis. This is where the customer will come and collect the canvas during the agreed opening hours.

3. Shipping Option: If the customer would like to have the canvas shipped, we offer this option for an additional fee. The School of Fine Arts will be responsible for securely packaging the canvas and sending it to the client. Shipping costs will be calculated based on the size of the canvas, its destination and associated transportation costs. The customer can make his payment to us.

4. Delivery Tracking: Once the canvas is shipped, we will provide a tracking number to the customer. This way, he will be able to follow the progress of his delivery.