Frank H Perrot

Frank H Perrot is a renowned French painter whose art embodies a unique fusion of imagination and reality. His distinctive style and innovative approach captivate art lovers around the world. Born in France, Frank H Perrot was inspired from an early age by the masterpieces of classical French painting. He studied the techniques of the great masters and developed a style of his own, distinguished by his mastery of color, light and composition.

His works exude a palpable energy that transcends the conventional limits of painting. His influence as a contemporary French artist is undeniable, marking art history with his unique and inspiring artistic achievements. His work evokes deep emotions and provokes reflection on the nature of human existence and our relationship with the world around us.



Artist contact

Skins (water)

80 x 60 centimeters (2019)

The last night

76 x 57 centimeters (2016)