Hervey N’Goma (Litofo)

Hervey N'Goma is a committed artist whose main inspiration lies in helping children in disadvantaged situations, particularly those from Africa and the Middle East.

Through his striking paintings, he paints with emotional depth both the sadness and the joy that inhabit these children and alludes to their resistance and their resilience in the face of the dangers of social realities. His work does not just denounce, it challenges and advocates for collective awareness.

Hervey N'Goma skillfully combines acrylic paint with pieces of bamboo, creating a unique textural dimension in his works. This striking combination of materials brings visual and symbolic depth to each of his creations, thus reinforcing the emotional impact and the powerful message he wishes to convey.



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Unhappiness experienced, Happiness pronounced

100 x 100 centimeters (-)


- x - centimeters (-)