Collection: Alex Porter

We are delighted to introduce Alec, an artist and passionate karateka. Alec has a great interest in art and karate and excels at each of them. As an artist, Alec discovered his talent following his participation in the PALS program in 2022-2023. His passion is evident in each of his creations, reflecting his dynamic personality and boundless creativity. As a Karateka, Alec also demonstrates great discipline and commitment. He uses his coordination skills and his ability to move in space to enrich his artistic practice.

We are proud to reproduce Alec's works to share with you. Each of his reproductions captures the intensity he displays. Order your reproduction of Alec. We are confident that you will be inspired by the beauty of his creations displayed in your home.

Succession program

Here is an opportunity to encourage the next generation of artists from the École des Beaux-Arts de Lévis, Quebec, Canada!

Each child participating in our program will receive unique art rewards as well as gifts to encourage them to continue their passion.

Let's be generous towards the artistic future of our community! Order now a framed canvas reproduction from the young artist of your choice.