Collection: Margaux Fizellier

Despite her young age, Margaux already has incredible talent and an overflowing passion for art. His artistic style is fresh, colorful and full of life. Margaux's works exude a vibrant and captivating energy. His brushstrokes are delicate and precise, creating striking detail and depth in each of his creations. His bold use of colors creates a visual harmony that immediately catches the eye!

Her art transcends the limits of age and touches spectators from all backgrounds, allowing the innate talent of this promising young artist to shine through. As a young aspiring artist, Margaux already shows exceptional potential and her presence in the art world promises a bright future.

Succession program

Here is an opportunity to encourage the next generation of artists from the École des Beaux-Arts de Lévis, Quebec, Canada!

Each child participating in our program will receive unique art rewards as well as gifts to encourage them to continue their passion.

Let's be generous towards the artistic future of our community! Order now a framed canvas reproduction from the young artist of your choice.