Collection: Joëlle Godbout

Joëlle is a talented artist whose artistic creations stand out for their harmony, originality and sensitivity. His collection of paintings is simply captivating and represents a true testament to his exceptional talent. Joëlle is mainly inspired by nature, landscapes and the beauty of the world around her. His desire to touch hearts and stimulate the imagination of others is reflected in each of his paintings. Joëlle Godbout is much more than a talented artist; she is a visual storyteller who enchants those lucky enough to encounter her works. Immerse yourself in his world of colors, shapes and emotions, and let yourself be transported by the magic of his art. Get a reproduction and encourage her to pursue her passion!

Succession program

Here is an opportunity to encourage the next generation of artists from the École des Beaux-Arts de Lévis, Quebec, Canada!

Each child participating in our program will receive unique art rewards as well as gifts to encourage them to continue their passion.

Let's be generous towards the artistic future of our community! Order now a framed canvas reproduction from the young artist of your choice.